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Curriculum 1994 - COURSE DETAILS 2009/2010

Data communication (TRDT -090000305 )

Cycle/Year/Semester First Cycle / 3o / First Semester
Type Required 
Credits 6  (4,5 T + 1,5 P)   
ECTS Credits 4.8 
Department DIT  
Objectives This lecture presents the main elements in Information Theory
such as entropy, data compression, channel modelling, tradeoffs
between throughput and costs in transmission channels and
reachable limits for them.
Also information coding schemes and error detection and correction
techniques are presented. This covers the field of linear block,
cyclic and redundancy codes as well as FEC, ARQ and hybrid
techniques. Final performance regarding throughput and delay
for each strategy will be explained. 
Coordinator Juan Bautista Riera García  
Professors V.Villagrá
J. Riera
G. Huecas
J.A. Saras 
Syllabus Introduction.
Entropy and mutual information.
Information sources with memory.
Data Compression.
Channel Capacity.
Linear Block Codes.
Cyclic and Convolutional Codes.
Error detecting and correcting codes.
ARQ techniques and performance.
Bibliography Básica:

COV- "Elements of Information Theory"; Tomas Cover and Joy A. Thomas, De John Willey& Sons. Capítulos 1 a 5 y 8.
LIN- "Error Control Coding", Shu Lin& Daniel Costello, De Prentice Hall. Capítulos 2,3 y 4.

GOL- "Basic Concepts of information and Codign:Solomon . Golomb, et al. Editorial Plenum. Capítulos 2,10, pág. 116-123.
BER-"Data Networks", Dimitri Bertsekas y Robert Gallager, Editorial Prentice-Hall. Punto 2.4 pgs 58-72. 
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