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Curriculum 1994 - COURSE DETAILS 2009/2010

Communication networks & services I (RSC1 -090000303 )

Cycle/Year/Semester First Cycle / 3o / First Semester
Type Required 
Credits 6  (4,5 T + 1,5 P)   
ECTS Credits 4.8 
Department DIT  
Objectives �Communication Networks and Services I� attempts to provide an introduction to the basic principles underlaying the networking protocols and services. In this course we study, among other things, reference models, protocol architechture, network functions, multiplexing and conmutation� We will also cover several specific network services and architechtures, such as the public phone network (PSTN), mobile networks, etc. A detailed study of the problems related to the network level (OSI level 3), such as routing and congestion control will be studied using traffic analysis tools.
Coordinator Ángel Fernández del Campo  
Professors Ángel Fernández del Campo (Coordinador)
Carlos Miguel Niéto
Francisco Javier Ruiz Piñar
Antonio Martínez Mas
Vicente Burillo Martínez
León Vidaller Sisó 

Intro to communication networks. Topologies. Protocol Architechture. Reference models.
PSTN system. Multiplexing. Switching.
Cellular networks. Satellite communications.

TRAFFIC THEORY (2 credits)

Basic concepts of the theory of probability. Poisson processes.
Exponential distribution. Study of M/M/1 queues. Aplications
to telephony. Systems with losts. Erlang-B distributions.
Waiting systems. Erlang-C distributions. Finite population
systems. Engset distribution. Efficiency. Waiting systems:
study of the delay in FCFS queues. Study of a M/G/1 queue.
Introduction to queueing networks.


Network level functions. Virtual circuits and datagrams. Routing. Optimality principle. Shortest path routing. Flooding. Distance vector. Link state. Hierarchycal routing. Broadcast and multicast routing. Congestion control principles and prevention policies. Traffic shaping. Choke packets. Load shedding.
Bibliography Básica:

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