Curriculum 1994 - COURSE DETAILS 2013/2014

Laboratorio de sistemas de información en la empresa (LSIE -090000573 )

Cycle/Year/Semester Second Cycle / 5o / First Semester
Type Elective 
Credits 4  (0 T + 4 P)   
ECTS Credits 3.2 
Department IOR  
Objectives The objective of the laboratory is to show the role of the ERP systems in the corporation. It will also show factors that affect the implementation and roll out. 
Coordinator Santiago Iglesias  
Professors Julián Chaparro Peláez
Santiago Iglesias Pradas
Ángel Hernández García 
Syllabus Introduction to ERPs.
Sales and distribution: organization, master data, reports.
Inventory: organization, master materials, orders, billing.
Finance: organization, accounting, reports. 
Bibliography - Shtub, A. (1999): Enterprise resource planning (ERP): the dynamics of operations management.

- Norris, Grant; Dunleavy, J.; Hurley, J.R. (2000): E-Business and ERP: Transforming the Enterprise. John Wiley & Sons. 
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